Here we are... 

R. Dennis & Sulma 

My name is R. Dennis (Lead Light Chaser) and I'm a hopeless romantic that found his Girl – Sulma (My Bride). I'm living like I'm Loved. And I've been blessed to help record and tell the wonderful stories of those who have sat before my camera.

It is our Dream to help tell your story as well.

THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS wants to provide you with a high level of service on your special day and produce images that are fit to hang from your wall that can be viewed for generations.

Random facts about R. Dennis:

  • Gear of choice: Canon (only because it was the first unit I ever purchased – Nikon is just as cool)

  • Unknown skill: I can dance Salsa!

  • Favorite food: Sulma's cooking (Mexican)

  • If I wasn't a Visual Artist I would be: a Preacher (I'm a Story-Teller)

  • Best day: I sat alone drinking coffee at a small cafe in Holland

  • Memorable moment: the first time I saw Sulma – whooo!

Thank you for visiting  THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS web site and blog. We look forward to sharing and recording your memories.