It's been just over 3 years since my Bride, Sulma, encouraged me to “pick up a camera” again. I hadn't done so since... let's just say a long time ago! They still had a great deal of this stuff called “film” if I recall.

This portrait ladies and gentlemen, is my [older] Brother – Gary. My hero.

This image has been in my mind for years! I've been waiting and hoping for this opportunity. A chance in which I could capture a decent photograph of a man who has influenced me so greatly.

Not even a day old (at the time of this writing) this photograph already means a great deal to me. One of the reasons I love photography/photographs is because pictures matter. They have the potential [especially when done well] to not just capture a moment in time and in life, but photographs, simply put, help you to hold on to something unique: your moment. Your memory.

My Father blessed me. But my brother... he taught me. For this I'm ever grateful.

My Brother

My Brother