When the Universe Conspires...

This is a brief, encouraging message that I hope will speak to your life – right now, regardless of the situation or conditions you may find yourself involved with. This is about dreams and the journey.

Matthew Jordan Smith

I've returned to my passion: photography. I've been encouraged and supported by my Bride [Sulma]. The dream of a career as a photographer crashed in High School after all of my equipment was stolen. A couple of decades later I'm in hot pursuit of being an Artist/Photographer. A storyteller with a lens. A visual artist. When you open yourself up to your dreams, the Universe conspires to help you. This means things (interesting things) and opportunities [just] come your way. I couldn't afford equipment; I acquired equipment. I needed accessories; I found inexpensive accessories and learned how to make them work. In a short time, I've come along way and I'm grateful.

Recently, at a local beach, while my Bride took a nap on the sand, I decided to walk on the pier and shoot. Shortly into my walk I saw a gentleman I greatly admire: Matthew Jordan Smith. He is one of the premier photographers in the world today. Long story short: I shook hands and conversed with a distant mentor (I want to be professionally where he is). As I've heard, he is gracious, humble and very pleasant. A gentleman and a professional. This was a fortuitous moment!

When we allow ourselves to dream and pursue it I believe [God] brings alignment to life and moments and cause events, things and people to come together to push you further along on the journey. Dream [keep dreaming], move and don't stop – things are coming together for your good.

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