Power Posing

Posing is the difference maker. It is what takes a picture and makes it a photograph; turns a snap shoot into a portrait. Effective, powerful posing will make the subject look spectacular. 

While doing some test shots recently (reviewing makeup for a potential Bridal client), the Bride quickly revealed her photographic apprehension: the thing she doesn't like about her pictures. After viewing the first quick shot, she exclaimed, "Beautiful!  But my face is so round." I immediately knew how to address her concern.

The resolution would be a quick combination of handy elements: light (it's always about the light) and Power-Posing. Power-Posing is simply positioning your subject in such a manner to accentuate "their" unique features. In other words, pose the subject/client to make them look good. 

The resolution: I moved a chair to an open doorway (thus harnessing the availble light and using this portal as a "giant softbox". Once the client was seated, I stood above her while having her look down at a 45 degree angle (her gaze tracing her "body line"; ala Sue Bryce). Finally, I had the subject "look up at me". This Power-Pose addressed the subjects concerned by elongating her face; making it not look so round. 

The reaction (from the back of the camera view): Wow! Client happy; job done.