30 Days of Beautiful

30 Days of Beautiful: Heidi

This 30 Days of Beautiful brings us to the "Beautiful HEIDI". Hairstylist [Extraordinaire], Artist, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and the Coolest Lady in the High Desert!

30 Days of Beautiful: Heidi

What does beauty mean to you? Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. But I believe it encompasses not just how your hair and makeup are done or what you're dressed in; but a state of mind. I believe it starts with knowing the Lord, then knowing who you are in Him. After you can grasp that, beauty radiates from within. Then you can wear what makes you feel your best and jazz up the hair and makeup, and let your beauty shine.

When do you feel most beautiful? Taking a selfie. Lol, yes I can get the best lighting and grab my best angle. Angles on a fluffy girl is our friends. Filters help ease signs of age. And then when all distractions are erased I see me. Lol

What does being a woman mean to you? These are hard to answer, lol, ok I'll try....... Wooooo-Men, yes breaking it down we are life-giving, strong, fierce warriors. We are soft, gentle, and kind. We are seductive, teases, and admirers of the male physic. We may be physically weaker but we are strong in almost every other way as a man. Some of our greatest assets (emotion) are our greatest weaknesses. But I'm grateful I am counted for one of the Woooo-men!

30 Days of Beautiful: Heidi

What do you love about yourself? I'm proportionate. From my facial features to my body, I'm well proportionate. I also love my artsy creative side.

Tell me your story: This may take awhile I'm a women and we love to tell our story's there's not much summing up. Lol, I was raised in a Christian home with loving parents. I grew up in my early years in Anchorage Alaska. I went to a Christian School, was athletic, loved people and was always considered friendly. I moved my senior year to California. I couldn't wait. Beaches, sun, palm trees, but quickly realized people were not the same. I tried to remain myself while being surrounded by very rude people.

I married at 21, had kids cared for a step-son with cerebral palsy. I grew up quickly. 10 years later my hubby decides he doesn't want me anymore. Rough doesn't underestimates the world shattering event. At this point my life takes a radical change. But through it all I learned how incredibly resilient I was with Christ as my Rock and center. Resilient is me through and through.

What do you think was the biggest turning point in your life? My divorce in 2006. It shattered my world and myself. Thank God, He takes what's shatters and remolds it to Beautiful!

30 Days of Beautiful: Heidi

Please finish the statement – I am a person who…: Defines herself as resilient, creative, brave, strong, determined, artsy, kindhearted, and fierce.

Tell me about a goal you are working on: At this very moment I'm working on a 21-day-fix, my health. I realized if I want to continue to do what I love (being creative) I need to take care of myself. I'll focusing on the 21 days but I'm sure I'll be doing it again. I believe this is the beginning of a life changing event for me. To eat cleaner, exercise and live a long happy life.

From there I would love to start selling my art work. 
But I'll need to figure out how to fit this in my schedule. My favorite time is doing my art work. I also want to continue to be the very Best Wife to my hubby, and Mom I can for my daughter who's 16 and my son who is in boot camp for the Marines.

Bonus Portrait: Sister's - Heidi & Charity

30 Days of Beautiful: Sisters - Charity & Heidi

30 Days of Beautiful: T A R R A

Certainly, 30 Days of Beautiful is a Wondrous Campaign. I am meeting some wonderful people and some extraordinary Women. There's still room for you: CLICK HERE. Today I would like for you to meet Beautiful Tarra...

What does beauty mean to you? I can either believe I am beautiful, or I can believe I'm not. It's all about accepting my flaws, my imperfections, my short comings and accept that I'm doing the best I can. And be grateful everyday for the chance to wake up fresh, learn from my mistakes and be the best I can be. It's not easy and sometimes I have to remind myself of this. But in the end it's not about what's on the outside that makes you beautiful, it's all about what's on the inside.

When do you feel most beautiful? When I'm with my son and he is being a goofball. I see he is just like me and it makes me smile so BIG! It is then that I feel most beautiful.

What does being a woman mean to you? Being kind, compassionate, having style and grace.

Tell me your story: I'm a 37 year old single mother of two crazy boys. I've been raising both boys on my own and have held the same career for almost 16 years. I've been through more struggles, more heartache and more empty bank accounts than I care to remember. But by the Grace of GOD I have awakened: I've been a mommy, I've been a manager and am a Woman daily.

What do you think was the biggest turning point in your life? Accepting that my happiness comes from no one but myself.

Please finish the statement – I am a person who: Believes in herself.

Tell me about a goal you are working on: I'm at a turning point in my life. I've made a decision to change careers after 16 years. It's exciting and it scares me.

What do you love about yourself? My sense of humor.