Be Anywhere

The Visual Artist Studios wants to capture your moments! That's what I do. That means we can be Anywhere: and if there's Love and Light - BOOM! We can make Epic! happen.

In an alley, on a street corner, in your living room; at an exotic location (which doesn't hurt) or at the place where you first met (hopefully it was a cemetary - at night), we can create and capture Your moment.

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer | THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer | THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS

Contact THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS today and schedule your Engagement and Wedding Session. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

R. Dennis Crawford, Lead Light Chaser

Unforgettable Memories

The Visual Artist Studios specializes in "Timeless Images; Unforgettable Memories". In the months and sometimes years that go into planning a wedding, I want my couples to have Art that reflects the Vision they had of their Spectacular day! 


When family has returned home, the music has stopped and the one year (two or ten year) anniversary is at the doorstep of your lives; these images will be a firm reminder of that Great Day. Contact The Visual Artist Studios and schedule your Engagement and Wedding Sessions today (select CONTACT to the left and let's schedule your appointment).


There are many [many] elements that make an excellent portrait and a great photograph. When it comes to [shooting] people an essential element for a "good" portrait is: CONNECTION.

One of the primary components of connection comes through the eyes. The eyes draw and makes the portrait engaging!  

I strive to work closely with my clients in order to maintain the Highest Level of Professionalism as well as to partner with my clients in order to produce captivating images. 

In a wedding, particularly in the Brides Chamber, you don't get the luxury of "Studio Time"; you have mere moments! In addition, you have interruptions and changing emotions. The order of the day for the Visual Artist is to stay focused,  be prepared and Connect.

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