Bridal Skin Care

First, I'd like to welcome our new Team member, Angelica: The Visual Artist Studios Make Up Artist and Stylist.  In this installment Angelica (who is a Licensed Nurse, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Make Up Artist [MUA] and Stylist) put together some key points for our wonderful Brides pre-wedding skin care (that's also useful as a daily habit as well).

To our Brides, not only will you receive the Best in Fine Art Wedding Portraiture, but you'll benefit from having a MUA/Stylist available on your day to ensure you look radiant and fabulous! 

[from Angelica] 

                                         New Team Member: Angelica - Make Up Artist/Stylist

                                         New Team Member: Angelica - Make Up Artist/Stylist

Below are a few daily skin care tips for our Beautiful Brides. We want our Brides to glow from the inside out.

Drink a glass of warm water with lemon upon waking each morning. Try to stay away from coffee and sugar. Hot or iced green tea sweetened with stevia throughout the day is a great alternative to coffee or sugary drinks. Incorporate as many raw or steamed vegetables as possible to each meal. Add veggies to everything! (veggie omelets, chopped salads, or you can just juice them).

Here is a list of skincare products that I use and recommend. Some are a little pricey but worth it: 

  • Cetaphil cleanser (Target) AM/PM

The following can be found at

  • Elta MD physical sunscreen
  • Skin Ceuticals C E Feruic Acid - AM before sunscreen
  • Neocutis Bio Serum Intensive - PM after cleansing
  • Nia 24 Intensive Recovery Complex - PM after serum

Avoid any harsh scrubs or chemicals in the days leading to wedding. Retin- A is amazing but I wouldn't recommend it until after the wedding because it will cause some peeling and redness. Get as much sleep as you can and be good to yourself. Delegate as much as you can and enjoy the beautiful moments leading up to your special day.



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Be Anywhere

The Visual Artist Studios wants to capture your moments! That's what I do. That means we can be Anywhere: and if there's Love and Light - BOOM! We can make Epic! happen.

In an alley, on a street corner, in your living room; at an exotic location (which doesn't hurt) or at the place where you first met (hopefully it was a cemetary - at night), we can create and capture Your moment.

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer | THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer | THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS

Contact THE VISUAL ARTIST STUDIOS today and schedule your Engagement and Wedding Session. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

R. Dennis Crawford, Lead Light Chaser

Groom Preparation

The Wedding day also has a another party involved: The Groom! Often, we forget to place some emphasis on the man of the hour. 

The Groom & his Dad: straight razor prep

The Groom & his Dad: straight razor prep

Below the Groom and the Best Man have that moment where it starts to settle in... 

The Groom & Best Man

The Groom & Best Man

Mr. Groom with his trade-mark All Star Converse (custom made), rocking his style for his Big Day. 

The Groom: lacing up the Chucks

The Groom: lacing up the Chucks

And of course it all comes togther in the end. 

The moment worth preparing for... 

The moment worth preparing for... 

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I'm a Wedding Photographer/Artist. And this is my passion. There are three (3) primary things that compel me as I shoot:

  1. the moments
  2. the memories and
  3. the magic


At each wedding [every wedding] there are “those” moments that occur. From a moment that's tender with tears; from laughter to love; from solitude to celebration, it's these moments that justify my presence. Capturing that instance (sometimes not knowing until way later that you did) is still exhilarating and becomes a pleasant surprise for my couples. Like when the Preacher says something that only the three of them can hear...


Memories. Recorded and captured memories are my addiction. I hunt for them. I lie in wait for an opportunity to pull the trigger knowing that this photograph will be a Treasure. As an Artist you live for that one piece to grace your imagination. As an Artistic Wedding Photographer you develop a sense for the timing of the next movement that may be an uneventful gesture that you make an unforgettable memory. Like the mother of the Bride putting on the Bride the "borrowed" Pearl neclace...


And then there is the invisible: the magic. As a passionate Wedding Photographer, instinct kicks in to afford you the opportunity to witness and record magic. That captured milli-second that draws you into a photograph with sincere questions: “I wonder what was so funny”. You want to be in on the story. It is the digital time machine that serves only the subjects involved and everyone else is left wondering “what was that about?".  For instance, when these two found something absolutely hilarious (not to mention that this is the way they are all the time!)...

The moments, memories and the magic are my motivators. These are the rare occurrences that I look for and search for and document for my couples.

If you're a Bride, email ( or call me (909) 567-0284 and let's discuss your Big Day! I would enjoy an opportunity to document your wedding. Also, take a moment and share this with your friends and family.

R. Dennis Crawford

p.s. See the video below for some additional work.