I'm so thrilled that you stopped by The Visual Artist Studios to check things out. I love what I do and I'm Living the Dream!

I'm a story teller and I want to hear your Vision and help tell your story.  On any assignment, but particularly on your Wedding Day, I have one focus:

"Create art that connects you with your memories"

I'm a helpless romantic and I get to share life with an Amazing Woman, my Friend and my Bride: Sulma. We dance [in the Supermarket], we gas up the car and pick a direction to travel in... [North, South, East or West], just so we can find a new adventure in a new place! We love to eat good food and we actually like each other. We really do take walks on the beach and we can watch back to back episodes of HGTV's House Hunters!

R. Dennis Crawford | Visual Artist

R. Dennis Crawford | Visual Artist


Sulma is our on site "Day of Wedding" coordinator [if needed]. We approach Wedding Day's with a mind-set of service: what can [we] do to help make your day Wonderful and Memorable. Her focus on Wedding Day is our couples: if she can block it, fix it, crush it or do it... it's done!

Along with Baby-J and the Yorkshire Terrier, Oscar, we have it pretty good. We are thankful and grateful for a Blessed Life (here's a few photographs from our Life). Now, click that button and let's schedule your day and get this Party started! That button right there that says "CLICK HERE".